The Story House of Ancient Chinese Culinary Ware

Room 1140, Block D, Wah Lok Industrial Centre, Shan Mei street, Fotan
A 15-minute walk from exit D, Fotan Station
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  • Opening hours

    • MondayClosed

    • TuesdayClosed

    • WednesdayClosed

    • ThursdayClosed

    • Friday13:00~18:00

    • Saturday13:00~18:00

    • Sunday13:00~18:00

    • Public Holiday Closed

  • Fee
    Free admission

  • Suggested time for visit
    45 minutes

  • Remarks
    Pre-booking required

This space is a private collection owned by antique collector Leung Kwok Hung and pre-booking (via email or facebook) is a must. Located in an industrial building in Fotan, this place boasts a wide variety of ceramics and zisha teapots. Highlights include the primitive celadon dated 2400 years ago, ceramic dishes manufactured in China during the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the hand-painted vintage rooster bowls. Mr Leung usually will explain the stories behind his collections.